Sahapur Service Area

Sahapur Service Area

Geyser And Microwave Repairing Services at Sahapur

Are you searching for a water heater service center or geyser service center in Kolkata? Then, you have made the right decision after coming to this place. We are the best service center for these essential household appliances of daily need at Sahapur in Kolkata.

A water heater is one of the must-have appliances that people generally prefer to have during winter in their modern household bathroom. Besides, the microwave oven has become a vital gadget in modern life. It is very useful for the people who go to an office in the morning. We generally don’t have enough time in the morning to cook. Using the microwave oven, we are capable of making our foods quickly without any hassle of turning on a gas oven. However, having a faulty water heater or microwave oven can ruin your entire day.

What makes our experts special is that they take every customer’s call as an emergency and try to solve their problems as soon as possible. It is why we become so special in Sahapur in Kolkata. Our workers try to provide you services to your doorstep as quickly as they can. Take the help of our water heater technicians to get the best service.

We are the best geyser service center in Kolkata. Our company has been making a separate platform in the field of geysers since 1987, the year of inception.

We are capable of providing great services for water heaters and other branded home appliances.

Geyser And Microwave Service Center customer care number in Kolkata

You are capable of making contact with us at toll-free 1800 123 8648. Our company is capable of offering various types of repairing services under one roof.

Different Services:

You can get various services from us in Sahapur like

  • Instant or Tankless Geysers/Water Heaters,
  • Storage or Electric Geysers/Water Heaters,
  • Gas Geysers/Water Heaters,
  • Solar Geysers/Water Heaters service

We have experienced workers who help to fix issues like dripping geysers, overheating geysers, Noisy instant geysers, etc. They can solve when your water heater is unable to provide sufficient hot water or is not turned on. Sometimes, your geyser can give shock while touching it. Our experts can diagnose the issue with ease.

These are a few things that they are capable of repairing.

  • Geyser Flue Pipe,
  • Cold Water Shut Off Valve,
  • Draft Diverter,
  • Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve (T&P Valve),
  • Overflow Pipe,
  • Hot Water Outlet,
  • Dip Tube,
  • Insulation,
  • Drain Valve,
  • Thermostat or Control Valve, Burner, Thermocouple.

You can let us know about your issues at any moment as we are always ready to help you. Our professional members help you to solve your problem by discussing and fixing it. You should fill up a form given on our contact us page.

Contact us at any time with the help of our contact number. If you are going to call us, your first task is to ensure that you know all the issues properly regarding the water heater or microwave oven, or other household appliances. As soon as you call us and let us know about the issues, we will reach your destination. The most important thing that makes us unique in Kolkata is that we focus on every issue whether it is minor or major. After servicing your household appliances, we are capable of fixing them at the same location.

Areas we serve

We have given here names of a few places where we are capable of providing our services to our customers.